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US claiming violation of religious minorities in Iran ‘crocodile tears’: Christians

Tehran, The recent US claims about violation of rights of religious minorities in Iran is 'crocodiles tears', wrote Assyrian Chaldean Catholics in a statement published on Tuesday.

The statement opens with the first verse of Gospel of Matthew, 'Judge not, that ye be not judged.'

'Remarks made by US President Donald Trump and, subsequently, his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, thorough official speeches and in cyberspace, especially Twitter messages, are nothing but crocodile tears,' read the statement.

'Presence of religious minorities' representatives in Majlis (Iranian Parliament), their having the same rights as other parliamentarians, freedom of observing religious ceremonies in churches, keeping the ethnic language (Assyrian), holding sports and cultural festivals, and allocating budget to religious minorities are just a few of the holy Islamic Establishments contributions towards monotheistic religions, their followers, and safeguarding spiritual and social values.'

Calling the passing of the law about the religious minorities permission to become nominated and become city council members in Iran by the Expediency Council of the System on July 21, the statements added, 'The Assyrian Chaldean Church of Tehran condemns the US political leaders' interventionist remarks about religious minorities in Iran, and advise them to mind their own country's issues, and not to interfere with other states' internal affairs, to set up effective ties with other countries, to stop the war and bloodshed din Yemen and Syria, and to condemn measures taken by the occupying regime and Saudi Arabia.'

Iranian minorities 'do not need a custodian', they can easily claim their rights through Majlis and relevant organizations in the government and Islamic establishment, the statement added.

It further added that according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, Christians have been invited to peace and tranquility.

'Based on the divine teachings, we invite the leaders of the country to try to establish thorough peace throughout the world to do God's will on earth, which would be humans' transcendence and progress.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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