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US coalitionmaking vs Iran has failed so far: FM spox

Tehran, US attempts to form a coalition against Iran are not new and have not prevailed, said Abbas Mousavi, the Foreign Ministry spokesman, in his weekly press conference on Monday.

Asked about US Special Representative for Iran Brain Hook's endeavors to make coalition against Iran by visiting different countries, Mousavi said, Iran has 15 neighbors, so making a coalition against it is very hard task.

The US contradictory statements they make show wide gap and lack of strategy on Iran, he added.

They sometimes lay down conditions and sometimes cancel them. Thus, we pay attention to their rhetoric and do not count on them. What is important is a practice.

He said that Iran will not negotiate with anyone under pressure.

He added that there are no sanctions left so far that the US has not imposed on Iran.

The US talks about conditional and unconditional talks and mediators then imposes sanctions to exert maximum pressure on Iranian people.

He added, They know were sanctions to work, they would have worked much sooner.

Definitely, Tehran will not negotiate or yield to the pressure.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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