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US decision against IRGC a service to Zionist regime: Yemen’s Ansarullah

Tehran, Yemen's Ansarullah Movement in a statement on Tuesday described US decision to blacklist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as antagonistic, saying that it is a service to the Zionist occupying regime.

The statement issued by the Political Office of Ansarullah Movement added that the move was adopted following US vain measures against movements in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq which withstood against US and Israel's domineering policies.

The decision reveals US criminal thought and antagonistic policies against the Islamic movements and governments in the region and free nations across the world, it said.

US is major sponsor of terrorism and criminal elements of the country which include AlQaeda, Daesh and other terrorist groups are an instrument in the hand of Washington in the region, Ansarullah stressed.

US and Israel's history abounds with crimes and what the arrogant regimes are doing against Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi and Venezuelan nations are reasons for their oppressive and brutal nature, the statement said.

The statement also called on all the free nations in the world to oppose such antagonistic decisions and moves and counter the US and Israel's destructive measures in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and other regional states.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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