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US dominance in region eliminated: Cmdr

Tehran, The US political power and dominance in the region has been eradicated due to the Islamic Revolution, said deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps on Monday.

'The defeat of the US was not credible for anyone; and the defeat of the Arrogance by Imam Khomeini and Iranian people made them concentrate in countering the Islamic revolution to stop it from expanding,' said Brigadier General Hossein Salaami at Imam Sadeq University.

General Salaami said, 'We directly fought the US during the IranIraq War in the Persian Gulf, which was incredible for many.'

He also said that the enemy is now after conquering the minds of Muslims, because anyone who controls the minds of a society will control the society.

Saying that the US created and supported Daesh (ISIS) in the region with spending seven trillion dollars, he added, 'Their attempts to counter the Resistance created a big popular movement in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, of which the Zionist regime is afraid.'

General Salaami added that Iran is 'a world power' now, and that the US authorities know that the bravery to challenge the US and countering their policies root in the victories of the Resistance front.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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