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US expert: Rouhani’s presence in UN opportunity for Iran

Tehran, The presence of Iran's President Hassan rouhani at the UN General Assembly is a great opportunity for Iran to talk to the international community about its views and positions on illegal actions and hostilities of the United States, said US expert.

Amir Ali Abul Fath said in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Saturday that the heads and representatives of the UN member states, as the largest global body, have the opportunity every year to express their views and opinion. The UN General Assembly has provided the opportunity for the countries that are willing to express their views, stances and criticisms of the status quo and plans for peace and global progress

He added that in order to make proper use of this opportunity, Iranian president's trip could create conditions for a few minutes the main organization of the world (General Assembly) to be placed at the disposal of the highest-ranking executive of Iran.

The expert on US affairs noted that Rouhani's speeches will be considered and effective by broad coverage, while the sideline of General Assembly is an opportunity for the Iranian president to engage with his counterparts and senior representatives of other countries to negotiate multilateral or bilateral talks

He said that the trip had nothing to do with the plans and meetings of other countries, regardless of what programs were being prepared for the General Assembly this year, the President's presence in the General Assembly is more urgent than in previous years, to talk on the destructive nature of the US President Trump against international institutions, including the JCPOA, and increase the pressure on the United States not to fulfill its international obligations.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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