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US fanning sedition between Iran, Arab nations: Egyptian daily

Algiers, The US 'Arab NATO' plan is aimed at diverting attentions of the Arab countries of the issue of Israel and enmity towards Tel Aviv and encouraging them instead to take a hostile approach towards Iran, wrote an Egyptian paper.

The most widely circulating Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, in a recent article, said that the plan by US President Donald Trump to establish a NATO-like military coalition comprised of Arab countries is solely aimed at countering a certain political enemy of the United States.

Trump now considers Iran to be the biggest US political enemy, so he is attempting to unite Arabs against Tehran, Al-Ahram wrote.

Trump is following to achieve this end by dividing the Muslim Shias and Sunnis, what finally will result in superiority of Israel in the region, giving Washington a free hand to promote its colonial conspiracies.

The Egyptian daily said that by promoting such a plan the United States is going to preoccupy Arabs with an Arab-Iranian conflict and divert their attention of Israel and its goal to expand its hegemony in the region and strike the so-called deal of the century with the Palestinians.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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