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US film critic: Americans have no quarrel with Iranians

Tehran, US film critic, Jonathan Rosenbaum, said that American people have no quarrel with Iranians.

Rosenbaum made the remarks in a recent meeting with Alireza Tabesh, Managing Director of Iran's Farabi Cinema Foundation.

The Iranian students have amazed me. I didn't expect this amount of reception and enthusiasm,' he said.

It was in fact in New York that I came to know Iran cinema and Abbas Kiarostami's cinema. Then I wrote a book with Mahnaz Saeed Vafa about Abbas Kiarostami's cinema.'

Commenting on his idea, regarding the new world and cinema, he said The social aspect of cinema has changed.'

'People used to go to the cinema together, and watching films was considered a social activity done in a specific place,' he added.

'But due to the improvement in technology, nowadays, the films are watched individually, and then the criticism and ideas about that specific film are spread widely in the social media by the people in different countries and with different social and cultural status, he said.

The fact that Asghar Farhadi's film wins an Oscar demonstrates that the films by the Iranian director are watched in the United States, he said, insisting that the people in the United States have no quarrel with the people in Iran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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