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US heedless of minorities’ rights: Iran Assyrian MP

Tehran, US is heedless of minorities' rights around the world, including Palestine, a senior Iranian Assyrian lawmaker said on Tuesday.

The Zionist regime by adopting laws against Arabs in the occupied Palestinian lands is violating their citizenship rights, Assyrian representative in the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Yonatan Bet-Kolia added.

Secretary general of World Assyrian Union referred to the atrocities against Muslim minorities in Myanmar and slammed the US silence towards the crimes committed against them.

The MP also condemned the US puppet regimes, including Saudi Arabia's oppressive behavior against people.

The Iranian Christians do not need the US godfathership, he added.

Also, the Assyrian Association of Tehran dismissed the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's claims about violation of rights of minorities in Iran, and said that the minority groups in Iran can defend their rights and do not need the US guardianship.

The Assyrian Association of Tehran in their statement on Monday referred to racial behavior towards the American colored skin citizens and the US immigration laws and compared the human rights situation in the United States of America to barbarism.

Separating the children from their migrant parents and deploying them in camps in the US reminds everyone of the Nazi concentration camps, the statement noted.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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