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US Hook suffering from antiIran sadism: Senior official

Tehran, Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry described Thursday the US State Department's special representative for Iran Brian Hook as a man suffering from antiIran sadism.

His [Hook's] words indicate how he misunderstands the global conditions, and also how the US situation is unstable and uncertain in the world, Bahram Qasemi said.

Qasemi said so in response to Hook's remarks that we are not looking to grant any new oil waivers.

After US President Donald Trump's reimposition of antiIran sanctions in Nov 2018 following his unilateral withdrawal from the Iran Deal in May in the same year despite the world criticism over the issue, he granted Iran sanctions waiver to eight states till May.

As Qasemi said, Hook once again repeated the US hostile feelings about the Iranian people and voiced his country's continuous efforts to put more sanctions pressure against the great Iranian nation.

Hook should understand that his country in today's world cannot be able to dictate its will to other countries in order to achieve its sinister and inhuman goals, Qasemi stressed.

Qasemi further advised Hook to look at the international developments and also at what is happening in the world in order to get that the global developments are not in the path of what he and his country's officials have dreamt.

By taking such behavior or making such remarks, Mr Hook and the American officials should wait for standing trial in front of all freedomseeking people because of the US antihuman crimes and hostile measures against the great Iranian nation, he concluded.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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