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US missiles raid Syrian army in alSukhnah town

Tehran, The USled coalition carried out a missile attack on some of the Syrian army's positions in alSukhnah town in the central parts of Syria.

The attack was conducted at about 20:00 local time on Sunday in the southern parts of alSukhnah town, causing only material damage to Syrian Army, said Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) citing an informed military source.

US fighter jets have repeatedly attacked the positions of Syria's army in alTanf area, near the SyriaIraqJordan border, killing army forces and incurring material damage to facilities.

Since 2014, US fighter jets have attended thousands of flights in Syria, yielding no results due to the lack of strong will to combat terrorism and Takfiri groups.

They have also committed tens of slaughters in alHasakah, Raqqah, Deir ezZor, and Aleppo to kill hundreds of civilians.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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