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US not trustable to negotiate with: Iran pol

Beijing, Iran's experience shows that the US doesn't commit to negotiations it does and the documents it signs; it is absolutely impossible that Iran negotiates with the US, head of Iran's Foreign Policy Strategic Council on Monday said.

'Iran negotiated with the US twice: Afghanistan and nuclear issues. In both, the US was disloyal to its commitments,' Kamal Kharrazi said in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency.

Kharrazi is in Beijing to participate in the 7th World Peace Forum.

Kharrazi said that solving the regional problems doesn't require US' interference and negotiations; foreigners should stop interfering and the main actors of the region should start negotiating to solve the problems.

He added that if the regional countries get close to the US, the direction of the issues will change and their interests will be jeopardized.

Criticizing the spread of terrorism by some regional countries, he said that the main actors of the region are Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and should decide about the issues, there is no need for American interference.

Saying that Iran's sending representatives to regional countries is an attempt for illuminating, Kharrazi said, 'It is necessary that Iran's stances be maintained for these countries to help fight 'the US unilateralism'.

He also said that the US president Donald Trump threatens the future of the world. 'The world is confused in how to treat Trump; he has disrupted every tie; he decides something new self-centeredly.'

Dialogue will encourage brainstorming and countering the US' destructive policies that have caused a lot worries worldwide, he said.

Regarding the 7th World Peace Forum, Kharrazi said, 'Countries presented some solutions for fighting terrorism; a lot was said on Syria and the Middle East.'

He also said that a lot of extremist clash in the Middle East is roots in Wahhabism that is promoted by Saudi Arabia.

Kharrazi called for international support for such talks so that the regional countries will be able to pass though the challenges with power and unity.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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