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US oil sanctions on Iran, not fruitful: Chinese media

Beijing, US sanctions on Iran's crude exports will never bear any fruit, Chinese media reported on Tuesday.

It is impossible to bring Iran's oil exports to zero, Chinese media, including Xinhua, China's official News Agency and China's state TV said in their reports on Tuesday.

According to the media, other countries will not follow in South Korea's footstep which, due to pressure from the United States, has stopped buying oil from Iran.

The Chinese English-language media went on to denounce the United States for taking unilateral measures in its approach toward the Iran nuclear deal, against the will of the international community.

The world opposes Washington's unilateral sanctions, but the United States has violated the landmark nuclear accord, signed between Tehran and the world powers and is insisting on the resumption of sanctions against Iran, they said.

The Chinese media said following US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal, President Donald Trump has been struggling to persuade the international community to mount pressure on Tehran, but many countries are at odds with Washington over the return of unilateral sanctions.

The Chinese media have described as important the 2015 Iran nuclear deal which was signed to solve an important issue through diplomacy.

Following pulling out of Iran nuclear deal in May, the Trump administration reinstated some sanctions, more of which will target Iran's oil exports from November.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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