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US own restrictions sanctioned American companies out of Iran market: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif strongly rebuffs a claim by his US counterpart that Iran did not allow American companies into its market after the conclusion of a 2015 nuclear deal that was to derestrict foreign trade with the Islamic Republic.

Upon conclusion in Vienna that year, the agreement that is officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) mandated removal of the US sanctions that would previously bar business with Iran and also scare the world out of any similar business activity involving the Islamic Republic. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed in an interview with Washington Examiner earlier that after the deal, “American businesses weren’t permitted to trade” in Iran.

Zarif, however, retorted in a tweet on Thursday, saying, “Your (the US) own restrictions actually sanctioned US companies out of Iran's market with its unparalleled natural & human resources.”

He was pointing to the administration of former US President Barack Obama’s refusal to fully remove the obstacles that lay in the way of American and other types of foreign trade with Iran after the JCPOA took force, despite Washington’s verbally alleging that it did not object to the reopening of international business channels with the Islamic Republic.

Zarif then addressed Obama’s successor Donald Trump’s taking the matters to another extreme by leaving the JCPOA under his so-called “maximum pressure” slogan and calling the agreement the “worst” deal ever negotiated.

“And your illicit #MaximumFailure policy cancelled Boeing's contract for 88 civilian aircraft—costing Iranian lives, but also American jobs,” Zarif reminded.

Source: Press TV

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