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US panicked after Syrian gains over terrorism: Envoy

Baghdad, Palestinian Ambassador to Iraq described the war rhetoric by US President Donald Trump as a panic reaction to the recent victories achieved by Syria in fight against terrorism.

Speaking to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Thursday, Ahmed Akl said that the war-mongering comments by the US officials on an imminent military intervention in Syria are not in the interest of the region.

'Rather, the peace should be restored in the Middle East,' he said.

The US is trying to implement its 'plan B' in the region in support for the Zionist regime of Israel, aiming at exporting Daesh (ISIS) terrorists to the countries in the region, including Iraq and Syria, to disintegrate them.

Baghdad managed to overcome the plot, and Damascus is also inching closer to the victory over Daesh, but the US sees the end of the terrorist group as a threat to its presence in the region, the Palestinian diplomat said.

Now, the US has found out that Syria is determined to defeat Daesh, so Washington is trying to use chemical weapons issue as a pretext for a military intervention in Syria, he said.

The US President Donald Trump has threatened Russia that it should be ready for the missiles that Washington will fire at Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack near Damascus. He has blamed the alleged strike on Syria.

Any US intervention in Syria will only work in the Zionist regime's favor, and will not have any benefit for the countries in the region, Akl said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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