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US political activist: US unilateralism threat to UN

New York, Former US Congress candidate said that White House's policy will lead to isolation of the United States, affirming that Trump unilateralism is a threat to the United Nations and other international institutions, which is the basis for the spread of war and human rights abuses.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Wednesday, Miles Hanig said that the Trump administration simply ignored Iran's adherence to the IAEA's report and, unlike the United Nations' agency, falsely accused Iran of violating the Security Council's resolution.

He went on to say that in foreign policy matters, all US presidents lie. 'We go to war based on lies. We are lying on business contracts and presidents promise that they rarely intend to implement it,' Hanig said.

The American political activist added, 'However, in the memory of our recent history, we never remember the president, who was not lying about everyday life in all his internal and external affairs. The Washington Post has counted over 3,000 Trumps lies when entering the White House.'

Hanig stated that senior advisers and Trump's attorneys clearly admit these lies, saying that the advisor to Trump called the lie of his boss, 'alternate facts'. Or Rudy Giuliani Trump's lawyer says 'Truth is not Truth'.

'So if the IAEA report is published that states that Iran has acted in accordance with the terms of the nuclear agreement, it would not be surprising that the government of Trump ignored these findings and claimed that what he himself says is a fact.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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