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US presence in Afghanistan soars insecurity: Former Afghan pres.

Tehran,US presence in Afghanistan under the pretext of providing security has not only not helped security but has also increased insecurity and violence, the former president of Afghanistan told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

'Security has not improved, but is has deteriorated; and people are suffering more' said Hamed Karzai who has made a trip to China to participate in the 7th World Peace Forum.

'We don't and didn't agree with the US bases being established in Afghanistan; we want the US to reconsider its policy toward Afghanistan to make sure that its presence is of benefit to the Afghan people.'

Four years ago, the incumbent government of Afghanistan and the US signed a security pact, whose gist is the US's support for the all-out war against terrorism on Afghanistan, but voices of doubt are heard from the Afghan Parliament and Senate.

Under Karzai, Afghanistan evaded to sign the pact, but his successor Ashraf Ghani signed it two days after taking office.

'Regional countries, such as Iran and Pakistan, play an important role in putting an end to war and violence in Afghanistan; they need to be more active,' said Karzai referring to extreme mist and separations groups of the region.

He also said that many of Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan will return to their country provided that the security situation improves and economy thrives there.

The 7th World Peace Forum was held July 14-15 at the Tsinghua University, Beijing with the presence of many authorities and figures from throughout the world. Head of Iran's Foreign Policy Strategic Council Kamal Kharrazi took part in the event.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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