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US report on global terrorism invalid: Iran Foreign Ministry

Tehran, July 20, IRNA - US report on the status of terrorism in the world is of no value and it constitutes a futile attempt by Washington to deviate the global public opinion from its support for terrorists and its role in promoting terrorism, says Iran Foreign Ministry.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi in a telegram post on Thursday said that in the report the Islamic Republic of Iran has been introduced as a government sponsoring state-terrorism in the world.

The report on terrorism by the United States crudely reflects US spiteful policies and its attempts to abjectly use any tools available to pursue its wrong policies and failed experiences, Qasemi said.

While the report should basically and in accordance to its defined structure, show the status of the countries in their fight against terrorism and highlight achievements, as far as Iran is concerned, it tends to use unrealistic and very primitive methods to deny clear realities and level baseless allegations against the Islamic Republic which every country concedes its frontline role in confronting the most vicious forms of terrorism in the region, he said.

To demonstrate the invalid nature of the report, it is enough to recount that over the past two decades, the US allies in the region have been main ideological sources of a major part of terrorist groups in the region, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

The US regional allies are still funding and providing military support for the terrorist groups, Qasemi said.

This is a fact and people and officials, both in the United States and the world are well aware of it, he said.

There are global concrete evidence showing the role the US allies have played in organizing and launching the most notorious terrorist attacks in the world, he added.

Still these countries are portrayed as US partners in the fight against terrorism, Qasemi said.

Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman also said that many governments around the world along with international organizations remain to acknowledge Iran's timely measures in confronting terrorism, he said.

For the past four decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been a victim of terrorism and over 170,000 of its citizens have been killed by various terrorist groups, he said.

Iran is determined to continue its fight against terrorist groups, extremism and violence and as long as the governments in Iraq and Syria ask Tehran to help them in their fight against Daesh (ISIS) and other Takfiri groups, it will do so, he said.

Such baseless, unfounded and biased accusations such as recent reports released by the US State Department, causes no alterations in our policies, Qasemi added.

We believe that setting free from terrorism the world is possible and we believe to do so, we should cut the financial, ideological and military supports given to terrorists by some countries in the region or other foreign countries, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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