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US responsible for insecurity in Middle East: Official

Belgrade, Advisor to Iran's Foreign Minister Mojtaba Zahrani said on Thursday that the US is responsible for terrorism and insecurity in the region.

He made the remarks in the Fourth Annual Conference themed The New Geopolitical Environment in the Middle East: between Fighting Terrorism and the Future of the Region in Bucharest.

According to Iran's Embassy in Bucharest, Zahrani said that terrorism is not inherent feature of the Middle East, noting that terrorism is the outcome of the US globalization drive.

Holding the US responsible for terrorism and insecurity in the region, he said that September 11 is a proof of this claim.

Director of the Center for Startegic Studies and Advisor to Syrian Intelligence Minister Basamabo Abdullah also told the same gathering that Iran's approach to Syria is not aimed at gaining control over it and nobody can force Syria to do a thing.

Describing compromise and cooperation as only way out of regional problems, he added that Saudi Arabia cannot compel others to do whatever it wants.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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