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US ridiculed for its single vote in Human Rights Council elections

New York, United Nations Human Rights General Assembly in its Friday meeting held elections for picking up members of Human Rights Council where in a ridiculous move, the US won only one vote.

During the voting, The 18 new members were elected by absolute majority through a secret ballot, which will start their work as of January 2019.

India received 188 votes, the highest polled by any of the 18 countries elected in the voting.

Of the UN total 193 members, 192 voted for the election of five seats of Africa where Burkina Faso, Togo, Cameron, Somalia and Eritrea won the positions.

In Asia-Pacific Group, India, Fiji, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Philippines won the highest number of votes to occupy the five seats.

Bulgaria and Czech Republic captured the two seats of Eastern Europe while Bahamas, Uruguay and Argentina are to represent Latin America in the 18 member council.

But for the western Europe and other countries, Italy won 180 votes out of the total 189, Austria 171 and Denmark 167 and the US 'only one vote', which made the audience laugh at the US.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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