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US ruthless behaviors tarnish int’l peace, security: Speaker

Tehran, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament at the General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (IPU) stated that the ruthless behaviors of American statesmen have disturbed international peace and security.

US ruthless behaviors tarnish int'l peace, security: Speaker

Speaking at the General Assembly of the International Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (IPU) in Doha, Qatar, Ali Larijani said that the behavior of American statesmen towards the Russians in the missile pact, towards China and the European countries on economic matters, with the world for leaving the environmental and climate treaty and the nuclear deal and double-standard and hypocritical behavior in the fight against terrorism, the ruthless behaviors in the noble Qods and the occupied Palestinian territory have tarnished all the systems of peace and security.

The high-ranking official said, 'There is no peace without security, no security without peace and no sustainable peace and security without rule of Law.'

He noted that the rule of law is the main pillar and the necessity of the international community's life and encompasses the common interests of all human beings. These three important concepts are, at the same time, effective and interconnected, and have a meaningful relationship with each other. It is also the essence of the United Nations and the establishment of international organizations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as international resolutions and conventions.

'On the other hand, the increasing development of the international community and its relations have caused the nature and threats of these three important aspects to change, and even the scope and examples of those threats have increased, and at the same time, new horizons are underway to protect and support this international pact. '

Larijani went on to say, Today, we witness significant challenges in the area of rule of law and peace and security. Organized crime, international terrorism, drug and human trafficking, widespread human rights violations, humanitarian violations, ethnic cleansing, in particular in occupied Qods and Palestine, securitization, policy of coercion and anger, and the creation of artificial anxiety and most importantly, the unilateral, selfish and expansionist policies of some countries, the imposition of unilateral and illigal sanctions and the imposition of trade tariffs on export products of countries, the adoption of hypocritical and discriminatory and dualistic approaches and behaviors in the international arena, are among threats against peace, security and the rule of law.'

'International conditions indicate that, despite the advances made, international laws, agreements and international conventions have lost their sense of reliance on societies due to unilateral behavior,' the senior Iranian official clarified.

Larijani said the recent example of the Americans' measures can be seen towards occupied land of Golan which is part of the territory of Syria. This abnormal behavior is not compatible with reason, with decisions of the United Nations and the international legal system, but you see, adventurously two regimes traded the land of another country.

The Speaker of the Iranian parliament said, 'Of course, it is a pleasure vigilance was in part due to the governments and the Security Council that rejected this vulgar decision. More regrettable was the kind of exposure of the US regime to the floods in Iran, which even prevented the donation of aid from other countries and the Red Cross to the Islamic Republic of Iran's Red Crescent.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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