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US’ sanctions against Iran violating human rights: President

Tehran, - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani stressed that the US sanctions against the Iranian nation are against human rights.

In a meeting with Health Ministry officials on Tuesday, President Rouhani said that today's work is not a sanction, it's an inhuman work. The US action is against human rights which exerts pressure on the entire nation of Iran and I request the medical sector, medics, surgeons and specialists to send letters and protests in this regard to public opinion and international organizations. These actions are a national duty in these circumstances.

Rouhani added that what the United States is doing today means the America's failure and crucial defeat and that I have no doubt politically.

The president went on to say, "There is a strange frustration and a big confusion in the White House's ruling body. They were disappointed because they did not get any result anywhere, they expected to disturb the country in a few months, but they saw that people are moving more firmly, and more creatively."

He reminded that despite the sanctions, in the time of the flood in the 25 provinces of the country, which caused a lot of problems and the Americans prevented fellow countrymen outside Iran from helping their nation we witness how all the people came to the scene and helped each other.

The president said that they (the Americans) were disappointed in everything and has recently been confused. They do not know what to do. There are doing strange things, things that no logical person in the political history of the world remembers, at least I do not remember, or it is the least in our minds. "It's because of great confusion," he added. They have mental disabilities. The White House has become mentally disabled and does not know what to do. Every day they had a problem.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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