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US sanctions, alternative to cover up lack of commitment

Tehran, July 30, The US has recently, once again, imposed more sanctions on Iran and Iranian entities, this time due to their false claim of ballistic missile test regarding Iran's Thursday launch of 'Simorgh'.

'The United States punished Iran on Friday for its launch this week of a satellite-carrying rocket into space by hitting six Iranian entities with sanctions targeting the country's ballistic missiles program,' according to AP.

The Imam Khomeini Space Center (IKSC) was officially inaugurated with tentative launching of 'Simorgh' (a mythical Iranian bird) satellite carrier into the space on July 27.

The event had several impacts worldwide including the reaction from the US Department of State.

'Iran has again demonstrated activity inconsistent with UN Security Council Resolution 2231', while Iran has only been 'called upon' not to conduct such rocket and missile tests in the resolution, The US Department of State wrote.

The US government has twice conceded that Iran's nuclear program is not military-oriented and the country has been fully committed to its landmark deal obligations between P5+1 and the European Union also known as Joint comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Yet, Washington has recently put 18 Iranian individuals and companies on its new sanctions list and on its latest measure has imposed new sanctions on Iranian entities due to the launch of the satellite carrier into space.

By imposing sanctions under any pretext, the US tries to undermine and limit Iran's scientific achievements. Meanwhile the Iranian officials reacted to the childish and inept move by the US.

'Iran will not put any limit on its scientific and technological progress,' Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Friday.

He made the remarks in reaction to the US officials' statements in which they accused Iran of violating the nuclear deal by launching Simorgh satellite carrier into the space.

Launching satellite carrying rocket into space is Islamic Republic's right and fully consistent with its international commitments, Qasemi noted.

Also Presdient Hassan Rouhani wrote in his Instagram page on Thursday evening that development of the country's ability in different sciences would lead to authority and dignity of the Islamic Iran.

The President also underlined that Iran attaches great importance to space science and technology.

'As our capability and power enlarge in different sciences, our authority and dignity will be enhanced,' Rouhani added.

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Thursday urged all political parties and politicians to promote convergence and unity in the face of the US embargos.

The violation of JCPOA, within its two years of birth, has always been on the US part and Iran has always been adherent to what has been agreed upon and its good will has been proved to the world.

'Iran � unlike the US � has complied in good faith with the letter AND spirit of JCPOA. Rhetoric & actions from US show bad faith,' Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on Twitter on Friday.

Not only does the rhetoric from the US government show bad faith and hostility, but also the wording and phraseology of the US media is also hostile and bitter where we see the terms such as 'slap', 'punish', or phrases like 'hit with sanctions'.

'Every word of JCPOA was carefully negotiated. Iran does not develop missiles that are 'DESIGNED to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons',' he also wrote.

Zarif had also pointed out, in a press conference at Council on Foreign Relations, July 17, that 'We do not design anything to carry something we do not have' when asked about Iran's missile program and the capability of Iran's missiles to carry nuclear warheads.

'Iran is not & will not be developing nuclear weapons; so by definition cannot develop anything DESIGNED to be capable of delivering them,' Zarif tweeted.

But the question is what does the US seek by imposing too many sanctions on Iran on any pretext? What advantage do they think they gain from the sanctions but the negative impacts?

'The US should reconsider its approach to sanctions,' said Mohammad Jjavad Zarif at Council on Foreign Relations.

'Sanctions have never been an asset for the US; sanctions are a liability,' he added.

What good are sanctions when make us more determined to continue what we know for sure is our inalienable right and stand on our own feet so we can meet our demands without begging others.

'When the US government started to impose nuclear sanctions against Iran, we only had 200 centrifuges. When they started negotiating with us in order to remove those sanctions, we had 20,000 centrifuges,' Zarif pointed out at Council on Foreign Relations.

'Sanctions do not produce outcome, I think people in Washington should get it in their minds,' he stressed.

Any progress in Iran, no matter scientific or otherwise, has not been tolerated by the US administrations since the Islamic revolution of 1979 and that is why we wanted to stand on our feet and tried to materialize Iranians capabilities and talents in the world, something not bearable at all by the West particularly the US.

Considering this, they have always tried to undermine Iranians achievements through various ways they could come up with including Iranophobia, labeling Iran's achievements as threats to the world peace, imposing severe sanctions against the country and its entities, assassinating our major scientists, creating and supporting terrorist groups in the region and luring their allies against Iran to carry out their evil intentions like waging proxy wars, and so on and so forth.

'People in Washington' should stick it in their minds that the time of Iran as what they believed to be a 'yes-man' is long gone and the era of the US hegemony over nations is now history.

We live in a multi-polar world today with several discourses which have to respect one another and not to stand against each other. By doing so, we help for the betterment of the humanity and have a truly better world with stable peace devoid of any hostility and excessive demands.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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