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US sanctions doomed to failure: President

The US sanctions against Iran are sanctions against the mankind and are doomed to failure, Iranian president said on Sunday.

The great Iranian nation showed resistance against the US' illegal and inhumane measures, President Hassan Rouhani said.

He made the remarks in a ceremony held to celebrate inauguration of four phases of South Pars Gas Field.

Iran has become self-sufficient in production of gasoline, diesel fuel and natural gas and this has promoted Iran's national power, the president said.

He noted that the US sanctions against Iran are sanctions against the mankind and the Washington will fail to reach its goals in this regard.

If they think the Iranian nation will bend towards them, they are making a big mistake because the people, the Leader and the armed forces are on the same side and are united, the president said.

President Rouhani noted that today the enemy is using the sanctions to disappoint people.

All the ongoing projects across the country were completed according to the schedule this year and this means failure of the US conspiracies, president Rouhani concluded.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to his recent trip to Iraq and described it as a turning-point in the two countries' relations.

Iran wants promotion of relations and friendly cooperation with all its neighbors, including Iraq, the president added.

He said that development of relations among the neighbors is at the interest of regional countries and of course, harms the US and the Zionist.

Source: Embassy of islamic republic of Iran, Stockholm

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