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US sanctions ineffective on Iran-Iraqi Kurdistan trade

Chairman of Iraqi Kurdistan Region and Director General of Haji Omeran border said that economic ties with Iran normally continues and the US sanctions does not affect the region's trade relations with Iran.

The Iraqi Kurdistan Region (KRG) chamber of commerce said that the US sanctions focus on oil, shipping, and banking, thus cannot damage the region's imports from Iran as well as prices.

It stressed that the major part of the imports from Iran are originally made by Iran and are not subject to sanctions.

Meanwhile, the head of Haji Omeran Sirvan Hossein Modabber border said that the trade conditions between Iran and KRG is normal and nothing important has happened.

He added that no restrictions are imposed to the goods exported from Iran, except some items that their exports have been prohibited by the Iranian government.

Political observers and economic analysts had previously said that banning Iran oil exports would raise global oil prices, weaken US dollar, and result in US' retreat; a trend that has been partially witnessed in the remarks of some US officials.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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