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US sanctions on Iran aimed to hamper economic progress

Baku Iranian Cultural Attache to Baku Asghar Farsi said that the US cruel sanctions against Iran aimed to hamper the economic development and progress of science in Iran.

He made the remarks to a Conference on the role of Muslim scholars in developing science and technology.

Farsi said that to self-confidence of the Iranian young scientists contributed to promoting the country.

Enemies of Islam, who cannot stand the Islamic awakening and progress to generate science and self-sufficiency, have imposed cruel and maximum pressures aiming to stop scientific growth in Iran, he said.

Science was available for special group of people in the pre-Islamic era, but with the advent of Islam and progress of science and economic development benefited all the people, Farsi said.

He added that Iranian people enjoying a long history of civilization, culture and urban lifestyle, provided valuable modern services owing to the growth of science, he added.

Referring to importance of solving problems with regard to scientific advancement, he said that self-confidence, getting familiarized with the role and services provided by the Muslim World scholars we will help revive the golden era of science in the world.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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