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US, Saudi Arabia responsible for disastrous conditions in Yemen

Tehran, President of the Supreme Revolutionary Council of Yemen Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said that US and Saudi Arabia should be accountable for disastrous conditions in Yemen.

Ali al-Houthi made the remarks Wednesday in an interview with Arab media 'Al Mayadeen'.

The economic condition is so bad that hundreds of people cannot afford to make ends meet.

Elaborating the role of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in Yemeni crisis, he said Yemen cannot trust this reckless person who is ruling Saudi Arabia.

He also referred to non-commitment of Saudi-US coalition to promises of opening up Sana'a Airport and Al Hudaydah Port to humanitarian aids, saying no promises have so far been kept in this regard.

Ali al-Houthi went on to say that Yemenis are fighting US and Israeli warships in western coast.

Israeli warplanes are participating in the western coast conflicts, he added.

The aggressor Saudi-led coalition has not been able to win in any warfront, he said.

'Despite the fact that we have invited US-Saudi coalition to political talks, we urge UN new envoy to act impartially in stopping military aggression on Yemen,' Ali al-Houthi added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he described aggression on Yemen as a coup against UN resolutions especially resolution 2210.

He also expressed hope for European countries to stop sales of arms to Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh and its allies have made no military achievements through their aggression except for turning the impoverished country into ruins.

Some 14,000 Yemeni civilians, mainly women and children, have been killed in the Saudi-led coalition aggression against Yemen.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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