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US senator calls Trump ‘erratic’

New York, American Senator Bob Menendez accused the US President Donald Trump of making erratic decisions and policies.

Menendez made the remarks in the Senate confirmation hearing session for Mike Pompeo, the nominee for the US secretary of state on Thursday.

'This committee considers your nomination after a nearly a year and a half of reckoning with President Trump's erratic approach to foreign policy, which has left our allies confused and our adversaries emboldened,' Menendez said in the session, according to US media reports.

American people are deeply worried by an erratic president who uses schoolboy taunts when talking about nuclear war, he said.

'An approach driven by impulse, not strategy. President Trump's 'America First' polices have left America isolated and alone in the midst of unprecedented challenges,' he said.

The hearing was also interrupted by protesters chanting, No more war, no Pompeo!.

In his latest controversial remarks, Trump has threatened Russia that it should be ready for the missiles that Washington will fire at Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack near Damascus. He has blamed the alleged strike on Syria.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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