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US Sending 1,700 Falcon Paratroopers on Mosul Soon

Pentagon is sending the US Falcon Brigade an elite unit of airborne soldiers into the Mosul war zone. US forces readying for the final assault on ISIS are being beefed up with these elite paratroopers.

The troopers will be part of Operation Inherent Resolve and will help the Iraqi Army fighting ISIS in Mosul, Daily Star reports.

Yesterday, the soldiers from the US 82nd Airborne Division held their final training regiments at Fort Bragg before being shipped out to the Iraq.

Colonel J. Patrick Work, commander of the Falcon Brigade, boasted his soldiers are ready to fight.

we're going to help the Iraqis and our nation drive Daesh from the battlefield, He said.

Iraqi Joint Forces including Special forces unit of skull-faced counter-terrorist commandos the Golden Division are spearheading the assault on Mosul.

Source: Al Alam

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