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US senior policy advisor’s words not worth answering: spox

Tehran, Senior policy advisor to secretary of state, reminiscing his childhood, has entered a game and makes such illogical remarks that are not worth answering, said Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman on Monday.

Our stance about missile issues is totally clear and it is a part of Iran's defense policy which is deterrent,' said Bahram Qasemi in response to Brian Hook's threats against Iran.

Hook had said that the US will not hesitate 'to use military force' against Iran 'when our interests are threatened'.

'Military option is long expired; the US has used the threat repeatedly, which is not feasible.'

Qasemi said that other counties cannot advise Iran against missiles, and added, 'It is the US that is exporting destructive weapons to the regional countries, which aids and abets creation of several crises in the world.'

'Such a country is in no position to offer advice.'

Regarding the US accusation against Iran about supporting Taliban, Qasemi said, 'That's not true Such wornout claims manifest his greenness.'

He urged Hook to do some reading and ask for the required information and advice from the US authorities, especially the military ones, about Iran's capabilities and then make remarks.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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