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US ship carrying equipment for troops in Afghanistan docks at Karachi port

Such a consignment has arrived after a gap of over six months and will be delivered to the US army units stationed in the war-ravaged country.

According to official documents, the vehicles were shipped from the Wilmington port and aboard the vessel 'MV Glovis Sun' along with other equipment that have been unloaded at the Karachi port.

The US has decided to increase the number of its troops in Afghanistan by another 4,500 men, adding to its current 8,500 military men, according to sources. The American personnel are engaged in the advisory, training and assistance missions, including counterterrorism and air support for the Afghan security forces.

In May, the US army deployed 1,500 Special Forces soldiers to Afghanistan, where attacks by the militant Islamic State group have threatened the stability of the US-backed government.

Analysts believe that the arrival of a larger number of military vehicles indicated that the US was planning to prolong its presence in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has been the main transit route for the US and NATO military equipment for their forces deployed in Afghanistan since the US invasion to Afghanistan in 2001.

In recent years, NATO truck convoys carrying equipment for NATO and the US forces in Afghanistan, have been attacked several times by militant groups in Pakistan.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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