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US spreading disrespect for int’l deals: Iran cmdr

Tehran, Washington is spreading disrespect for international agreements, an example of which is its refusal to implement its obligations under the July 2015 nuclear deal, a top Iranian military commander said on Monday.

By following projects to disintegrate countries, the US is bent on weakening independent and legitimate governments like those of Iraq and Syria, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, said while addressing the 6th Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS 2018) which started in Tehran this morning with participation of 35 high-profile military delegations.

Although the Zionist regime of Israel is promoting its nuclear arsenal on daily basis and violates territory of its neighbors, the US instead of dealing with such illegal acts has adopted a double-standard policy towards other states arguing that they should not buy or produce legitimate defense equipment, Baqeri said.

He further called for taking proper political, economic, cultural, security and military approaches to the regional problems including those of the Indian Ocean.

About the today's symposium in Tehran, the top military commander said the gathering should review security challenges and explore ways to overcome them.

He hoped the Tehran meeting and the next IONS gatherings would lead to finding ways to ensure regional security and neutralize security threats.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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