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US uses all tools to counter Iran: Lebanese analyst

Tehran� US has used all tools to counter Iran, but it failed to make a success, Lebanese political analyst said on Friday.

Speaking to IRNA, Hesam Matar said that 'Americans have no access' to effective and essential tools to counter Tehran.

He referred to manipulation of Daesh (ISIS), Iran's 2009 post-election protests as well as military and economic sanctions against Iran by the US, and said that 'it is new that the US is now using all its instruments and tools against Tehran'.

During the recent unrest in Iran, which began with criticism of economic hardships and turned into violent riots due to foreign interventions, the US officials, including President Donald Trump, rushed to provoke the protesters by tweeting, commenting in media and asking for the UN Security Council emergency meeting.

Iran in a letter to the United Nations' Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the chair-state of Security Council has protested to the US meddling in its internal affairs.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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