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Vatican envoy says Iran has been steadfast for peace for centuries

Isfahan Vatican Ambassador to Iran Leo Boccardi said on Friday that Iran has always been steadfast in pursuing peace for centuries and has the first Charter of Peace and Human Rights.

He made the remarks in ceremony to unveil the book “Political Irony; The End of a False Democracy” in Isfahan on Friday when he added that if there is one thing to convey the message of peace and dialogue among civilizations, it is only literature and writing.

Describing poets and artists as custodians of peace, he said that these people are the first who warn about danger of lack of peace in the society.

Pablo Neruda himself is a poet of peace who says civilizations must grow together and without peace, global stability and the peace and exaltation of humanity are impossible, he said.

Truly, poets are messengers of peace, and poetry is the best language for the spread of peace, because it penetrates people’s brains and hearts, he said.

In Iran, Molana has been a world poet and messenger of peace, Boccardi, said, noting that poetry is not just for beauty and imagination, but it also recreates the poetry within human beings and polishes their psyches, and if it is for peace, it is the best means for forging bond among human beings and promotion of kindness among cultures.

The book “Political Irony; The End of a False Democracy” in English and Spanish languages deals with the US’ racist and anti-immigrant policies.



Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA

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