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Veep: Iran, Iraq plan for volume of 20 billion exchanges

Iran’s First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri said on Tuesday that the volume of exchanges between Iran and Iraq should be planned to reach $20 billion.

Jahangiri made the remarks in a meeting with the Iraqi Minister of Trade Alaa Ahmed al-Jubouri on Tuesday.

Referring to the importance of the Middle East in the region, he said that the cooperation of all Islamic countries, particularly the specific cooperation between Iran and Iraq, is crucial in bringing peace and stability to the region.

Regarding the political and security cooperation between the two countries at different levels, Jahangiri stated that the fight against the terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS) was a clear example of the two countries' cooperation to bring peace to the region.

He highlighted that Iran has always supported Iraq's political process and territorial integrity.

Pointing to the high-ranking Iraqi delegation's visit to Tehran, the Iraqi side noted that the trip was conducted to revive the Joint Economic Commission of the two countries to determine specific frameworks for the activities of all economic sectors.

Referring to the importance of his trip to Tehran, Al-Jubouri said that the Iraqi private sector has also been present alongside the public sector to take further steps to develop relations between the two countries.

The 4th Iran-Iraq Joint Economic Commission meeting began in the Iranian capital on Tuesday.

The two-day commission meeting is participated by high-ranking officials from both sides and a number of economic activists.

Iraqi Minister of Trade Alaa Ahmed al-Jubouri arrived in Tehran on Monday at the head of a delegation to attend the meeting.

The meeting aims to explore ways to boost bilateral cooperation in different areas based on geographical, cultural, and religious common grounds.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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