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Velayati: Netanyahu acts ineffective in Tehran-Moscow ties

Moscow, Supreme Leader Advisor for International Affairs and special envoy of President Rouhani to Moscow Ali-Akbar Velayati says Iran-Russia relations are not one-way and acts of Zionist Regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would not have the least effect on the relations.

Asked by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Thursday evening to comment on Netanyahu's visit to Moscow, Velayati dismissed his 'vain and worn-out' anti-Iran claims.

When two countries have bilateral relations, their interests are met, said Velayati, adding that therefore, the 'irrelevant, nonesense and interventionist' claims of Netanyahoo will not affect relations between Iran and Russia.

He elaborated on the achievements of his visit to Russia and said submitting the 'strategic and important' message of the Supreme Leader as well as the message of President Hassan Rouhani to President Vladimir Putin and holding lengthy talks with the Russian president mark a turning point in mutual cooperation.

He added that decisions made in the meeting should be followed up well and the two sides' senior officials agreed on effectively looking into issues and have their senior officials, including their presidents and the supreme leader, remove problem(s), if any.

Velayati termed his talks with the Russian party on Thursday as 'decisive' on the eve of Putin's meeting with the US counterpart Donald Trump. 'On the one hand, NATO, with the US being on the axis, have held meeting and in a clause some anti-Iran claims have been made and on the other hand, Russia and Iran agreed to get united against pressures of the US and their allies in the region and of certain western and regional countries.'

Thanks to unity in the line of resistance on the axis of Iran and Russia, as big political and military powers in global community, the resistance front will emerge the winner in the region, Velayati announced.

He expressed the hope that cooperation between Iran and Russia will serve as a model for cooperation among Iran, China, India and certain key countries east of Asia.

Velayati arrived in Moscow on Wednesday to convey oral message of the supreme leader and message of the President Rouhani to President Vladimir Putin and held talks with Russian president on Thursday.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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