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Velayati: Resistance front not to allow NATO to set up base in ME

Baghdad, Supreme Leader's International Affairs Advisor Ali-Akbar Velayati said the resistance front does not allow NATO to set up a base in the Middle East.

Velayati told Iraqi Vice-President Nuri al-Maliki that Americans should not be present east of Euphrates.

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran is siding with the Iraqi nation and government up to the last moment and after victory of resistance front over Daesh, 'we should be more alert than the past vis-A�-vis regional conditions.

Referring to the divisive and disintegration plots of Americans in the region, Velayati said the resistance front should prevent gradual deployment of Americans east of Euphrates in Syria.

He said all political groups have the duty to observe ethics of Shiite dignitaries and other religious ulemas in Iraq. Velayati hoped that future elections in Iraq would result in stabilized security and stability in Iraq and political groups in Iraq will play more active and outstanding role in the elections.

The Iraqi vice-president, for his part, said that the Iraqi people are not ready to see their national independence and sovereignty being harmed.

The Iraqi government, like other members of the resistance front, believes that the Americans should not be allowed to be deployed east of Euphrates, said Maliki, adding that the establishment of military bases in Syria by the US will result in new wave of terrorism and strengthening of Takfiri trends, whose main aim is to undermine the resistance front, especially Iran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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