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Velayati: UN Resolution 598 result of Iranian sacrifice, bravery

Tehran, July 20, Iran Supreme Leader's Senior Adviser for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati on Thursday described the United Nations Resolution 598 that bring to an end eight years of Iraqi imposed war on the Islamic Republic, as a remarkable achievement in the history of Iran.

It was the outcome of all the devotion, bravery and sacrifice of the Iranian people and soldiers and all those who were martyred, Velayati wrote in his Instagram page.

The UN Resolution 598 recognized former Iraqi dictator Saddam as the aggressor and Iran did not compromise on even one iota of the it's soil to remain in the hands of enemy, he added.

It was remarkable in Iran history, he said.

The Iranian negotiating team was successfully persuaded the United Nations to call Saddam as the main aggressor and managed to urge the return of the Iraqi Army to behind the borderlines, Velayati, the Iranian foreign Minister during the days of war wrote.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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