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VIDEO Shows ISIS Militants Fighting against Iraqi Forces in Region near Mosul City

The ISIS Aamaq news agency on Sunday released footage claiming to show militants fighting in Mosul.

The video, whose authenticity cannot be independently verified, shows ISIS militants advancing through streets and firing their weapons from various positions.

Parts of the video were shot on Saturday and parts on Friday, according to Aamaq.

A fighter talking to the camera says that the militants are advancing in Intisar (Entissar) neighborhood, on the southeastern edge of Mosul, an area that Iraqi forces had entered nearly a month ago.

The Iraqi Army said on Saturday that under the cover of dust and fog, ISIS militants had launched a series of counterattacks on Iraqi positions in the last two days.

Meanwhile, the Intisar (Entissar) neighborhoods retaken by the government troops recently, according to the Iraqi Army announcement.

Source: Al Alam

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