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VP: Iran fourth producer of biotech medicines

Tehran, July 19, IRNA Iran now holds the fourth rank in producing biotech medicines but is going to promote to the third in the near future, says an official affiliated with the presidential department of science and technology.

Secretary of Biotechnology Promotioan Office Mustafa Qanei said that Iran is now the fourth producer of biotechnological medicines with 20 items, adding 29 other medicinal items are in different phases of production, all of whose production will be complete in the next five years.

Qane'i estimated that, with 49 out of 146 medicines, Iran will hold the third rank after Japan and China.

Iran has 12 other biotechnological medicines on the list, which are in zero stage of production and no knowledgebased companies have volunteered for those, he added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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