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WAR FOOTAGE: How SAA Foiled Jaish Al Fateh Attacks on Western Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has allowed the British Channel 4 television agency into government-held western Aleppo and were able to show reporters how they repelled Jaish al-Fateh's recent 2nd phase offensive on the city.

The Terrorist assault featured both suicide bombings and the deployment of many armoured vehicles, specifically targeting the 3000 Apartment Project.

Meanwhile, on Sunday evening, the SAA Tiger Forces supported by Hezbollah launched a major counter-offensive on the 1070 Housing Project in Al Hamdanieh and Al Mutha hill after heavy Russian bombardment of the area.

As clashes continued into the night, the SAA had advanced considerably in the 1070 Apartment Project while the Al-Mutha hill had been transformed into de facto no-mans land.

Should the SAA and Hezbollah take control of Al Mutha hill, they would be able to overlook most rebel-held areas west of Aleppo city.

Source: Al Alam

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