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WATCH for the 1st Time Russian Special Forces Operating in Syrian War

Russian state VGTRK TV for the first time released a report on Russian Special Forces (SOF) operating in Syria and and revealed SOF mission in Syrian War.

A Russian Colonel who called in report Vadim who acting as a commander of SOF unit reveals some details of his forces' mission in Syria. He mentioned that the primary objectives of his unit operations in Syria as follows.

Providing the Russian Air Force with target designation which allows fighter jets and attack helicopters to carry out precise airstrikes on positions and movements of various terrorist groups.

Carrying out special operations in the enemy's rear, that include intelligence data collection and liquidation of terrorist field commanders.

Destroying fortified positions of the terrorist and thus propelling Syrian Arab Army's advance.

Supporting the SAA in crucial battles.

Colonel also described, in a few words, the level of secrecy that covers all of his unit's operations.

"My wife does not even ask where I am heading when I leave," he said."She does guess, I think," he added answering the reporter's question about whether Colonel's spouse is aware of his assignments in Syria.

A significant part of the reportage is dedicated to description of process of SOF officers' combat training. Every officer is being prepared to combat in basically any areas (deserts, forests, mountains, water), any weather conditions and in any season.

It is noteworthy to mention that, according to a decree signed by the President of the Russian Federation, Colonel was awarded with the highest Russian honorary title, "Hero of the Russian Federation" Gold Star medal, Al-Masdar reports.

Source: Al Alam

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