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WATCH Iraqi Forces Fighting ISIS for the Eastern Bank of Tigris River

The Iraqi Army and allied Sunni tribal militias battled Islamic State terrorists in the village of Ganus, about 60 kilometres south of Mosul, on Sunday.

Heavy artillery hit militant positions in the village throughout Sunday morning, while an ISIS mortar strike killed at least eight Iraqi soldiers, local officials said.

Armoured vehicles and ambulances could be seen driving to and from the frontline. Iraqi forces have been trying to clear the eastern bank of the Tigris river for two weeks in an effort to isolate the ISIS stronghold of Hawija.

Sgt Quseir Ehsan Hamed, Iraqi soldier told AP:"There are two villages (there) next to each other. The 60th brigade from Baghdad has entered the first one with the help of Sheikh Mohammmed's Hashed (Sunni tribesmen), who are advancing now. There is resistance in the village and now the battle is between the two villages, between us and the Daeshis (ISIS Terrorists).

Source: Al Alam

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