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We will not let our economic relations with Iran be damaged: Iraq

Baghdad- IRNA- Iraqi government spokesman said his country will not let Iran-Iraq economic relations be damaged due to US unilateral sanctions, adding that Iraq's national interests will be Baghdad's red line in this regard.

In an interview with the state-run TV channel 'Al-Iraqiya', Saad al-Hadithi explained about the issues discussed on a Tuesday meeting of the government officials and the statements of Prime Minister Haydar Al-Abbadi, saying, 'Our criterion in dealing with US sanctions is Iraq's interests and it will be limited to cases where the failure to comply with those sanctions will damage these interests.'

Meanwhile, he referred to Iran-Iraq economic relations, adding, 'In cases where these sanctions damage Iraq's interests in its economic relations with Iran, we will negotiate with the US.'

Although earlier Iraqi officials had made some double-edged remarks about US unilateral sanctions against Iran, later they said they would only take these economic pressures into account when using dollar in their transactions.

The Iraqi prime minister had said his country planned to send a delegation to the United States to seek an agreement on financial transactions with Iran.

Al-Abadi also announced the formation of a high-level committee chaired by the head of the Central Bank of Iraq to handle transactions under US sanctions against Iran.

He pointed to the unilateral nature of the new sanctions and emphasized the continuation of Iran-Iraq economic relations, saying, 'Iraq does not agree with economic sanctions against any country, and this is the strategic position of our government.'

With regard to using dollar in transactions, Al-Abadi said, if technically and financially possible, his country is prepared to use a currency basket of other foreign currencies instead of dollar.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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