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West after splitting Muslims: Russian mufti

Moscow, Western countries are after dividing the Muslim world to reach its goals, said the head of the Council of Russian Muftis.

Muslims of Russia condemn any military action out of international laws, said Ravin Einoddin in a meeting with the Ambassador of Iran to Russia Mehdi Sanayee.

Saying that the Russian Muslims are ready to expand cultural-Islamic ties with Iran, he thanked Iran's attempts in religious fields.

In the meeting, Iran's envoy to Russia expressed his happiness with the Council of Russian Muftis' positive approach and sense of responsibility towards uniting followers of different sectors of Islam.

'Now, more than ever, the youths of the region need to understand the original, rational and moderate idea's of Islam; the elite of the two countries can help with that,' said Sanayee.

He also stated that Iran-Russia ties are better than ever, which naturally affects Muslims of the two countries as well.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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