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Human Rights

West seeking political interests in backing human rights: Analyst

Tehran, IRNA – The issues related to human rights and the rights of women have turned into a prelude for the West especially the United States to put pressure on Iran, a political analyst believes.

Reza Abedi Gonabad, an expert in international relations affairs, told IRNA on Saturday that the human rights and the rights of women are completely crystal clear and those who are not totally informed of political and media affairs can understand that these issues are being used as a political leverage to pursue the Western states’ interests.

Unfortunately, the Western countries pursue their own considerations and they seek their interests when it comes to the human rights and the rights of women, he noted.

If we compare the West’s look at dictatorial regimes in the West Asia region, including Saudi Arabia and certain other regional states, in terms of human rights and massive executions with the Western governments’ attitude to independent and opponent states such as Iran, Venezuela and Russia, we find out that the Westerners pursue their political agenda in this respect, he argued.

Thus, the Western countries’ claims on supporting human rights and the rights of women are not real, and they follow up Machiavellianism on the basis of their own interests, the pundit said.

Britain had a colonial background in Iran and then the United States tried to influence political system in the West Asian country, he said, adding that the foreign countries are after revitalizing the same system during the Islamic Republic and turn the independent country into a subservient nation in today’s world.

The US and Britain and to some extent France have a colonial background, but the weird stance comes from Germany nowadays, because Berlin adopts anti-Iran stances, which have their roots in Germany’s political agenda, he said.

The analyst urged Germany to stop following extremist and terroristic policies, which are being dictated by the US and Britain, because the two countries do not show good faith in dealing the European Union, and they put forward such issues to squeeze compromises particularly in the talks for the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

However, the Islamic Republic has time and again emphasized that the West will not succeed in squeezing compromises from Iran regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the political analyst said.



Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA


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