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Western Countries Use ‘False Reports’ to Accuse Syria at UN Security Council: Syria’s UN Envoy

Addressing an emergency session of the UN Security Council on the situation in Aleppo called for by France and Britain, Jafari said some of the Security Council member states are used, since the beginning of the terrorist war against Syria, to call for urgent sessions based on misleading information and false reports and testimonies whenever the Syrian army and its allies achieve advance against the terrorist organizations, SANA reported.

Jafari categorically dismissed all the fabricated reports used by the representatives of the US, France and Britain that the Syrian government has targeted citizens in Aleppo city, affirming that what the Syrian government, along with its allies, is doing in Aleppo city and other Syrian cities is practicing the constitutional and legal duty of every government; that is to protect its citizens against terrorism.

He made it clear that the Syrian government's first and foremost aim of opening safe corridors including for the militants, providing makeshift centers, issuing amnesty decisions and delivering food and medical aid in Aleppo is protecting civilians and keeping them safe.

Jafari criticized the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon for being in a hurry to issue statements based on reports he could not verify just to the effect of defaming the Syrian government and its allies that are fighting terrorism.

He dismissed that some sides, in their attempts to help the terrorists, deny the Syrian government its duty to examine and verify the identity of some of those who are leaving neighborhoods in Aleppo along with the civilians, especially that many reports issued by the Security Council speak of tens of thousands of foreign terrorists from more than a 100 countries operating in Syria, noting that this examination aims at preventing those terrorists from infiltrating other areas, and probably the territories of other countries, and resuming their acts there.

He cited tens of photos which show terrorists, who had committed acts of beheading innocent people and eating livers, trying to escape from East Aleppo infiltrating among civilians in women's clothes, but they were captured by the Syrian Army.

Jafari said it is utmost hypocrisy that the envoys of some countries insist on accusing the Syrian government of besieging its people and blocking access to food and medicine while they continue to deny the fact that tens of depots which were controlled by the terrorist organizations in Aleppo have been full of all kinds of medical and food supplies from which the civilians were deprived.

He stressed that it is not possible that tens of thousands of terrorists fighting the Syrian Army in Aleppo would have been able to survive and remain there for more than four years, was it not for some states at this Council continually providing them with all kinds of weapons and protection.

He categorically denied as groundless all fabrications, allegations and hallucinations issued by some member states' representatives about the government allegedly committing acts of reprisal, intimidation and field executions against civilians, reaffirming that hunting and targeting terrorists is at the heart of the Syrian government's constitutional powers just like what u did in Nice, Paris, London, Boston, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Cairo, Sinai, Bombay, Tunisia, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania.

For his part, Russia's Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin stressed that the Syrian Arab Army has reestablished control over the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, reiterating that the allegations that the Syrian Army has committed violations in Aleppo are baseless.

Meanwhile, China's Representative to the UN Liu Jieyi said fighting terrorism is an integral part of finding a solution to the crisis in Syria, stressing that the international community should give top priority to fighting ISIL and other terrorist organizations.

Source: Al Alam

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