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Wests cultural infiltration in Islamic societies through shaking family foundation

Those who want to infiltrate in a country or society, and control the culture of that society by imposing their own culture on them, will try to weaken the foundations of the family in that society, as one important strategy. This has been done in many countries, unfortunately. Men are made irresponsible, and women are made immoral. The transfer of cultures and civilizations, the preservation of the principles of a civilization and a culture in the society as well as its transfer to later generations is carried out thanks to the family. Without family, everything collapses. Why do you think the West is trying hard to promote lechery and corruption in Eastern and Islamic countries and in Asia? One reason is that they want to damage families so that the culture of these societies is weakened; so that they can dominate them. Because as long as the culture of a nation is not weakened, no one can dominate them and control them. It is the loss of cultural identity that leaves nations defenceless and captured in the hands of foreigners. This is facilitated by the collapse of the foundation of families in society.

Islam wants to safeguard family; because in Islam one of the most important tasks for achieving these goals is forming a family and preserving the family foundation.

Source: Khamenei.ir

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