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White Helmets prepare for chemical provocation in Aleppo

Russian Ministry of Defense warned that terrorists are preparing for a new provocation through using chemical weapons in Aleppo province.

Head of the Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim Lt. Gen. Vladimir Savchenko said in a statement on Monday evening that the Center received information from the locals of Aleppo countryside on preparing a new provocation by terrorists through using chemical weapons against civilians with the aim of accusing the Syrian army, SANA reported.

Savchenko added that scores of white Helmets. terrorists arrived in the towns of Ezaz, Mare'a and alRa'ai in Aleppo Province after terrorists transported canisters of chlorine and toxic substances from the city of Jisr alShughour to the aforementioned towns.

He indicated that at the current time, terrorists of the White Helmets. started to film fabricated video footage with the participation of a number of civilians who are unidentified by the locals.

Savchenko said that according to the information which the center received, terrorists intend to provoke the Syrian forces in order to carry out bombardments on Mare'a town, and after that terrorists will film a fake video footage on carrying out alleged bombardments with shells stuffed with toxic substances by the Syrian army.

He added that after the alleged attack, the alleged victims. of the chemical attack will be displayed, and it is not excluded that terrorists will establish control over Tal Rifaat.

Savchenko affirmed that the center will closely follow up the development of the situations in the region and will inform the public opinion on the latest developments.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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