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Withdrawal of ISIS From More Villages, Farms North of Raqqa

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue to advance on Northern side of Raqqa, capturing more villages and farms across the battlefield.

"The SDF, in its 'Angry Euphrates Operation, continued to hit ISIS positions from the two flanks of Solouk and Ein Issa towns, and won several village and farms," Kurdish sources said, adding, "The Kurdish fighters advanced 14 kilometers from Solouk direction and captured the strategic village of Leqteh."

"The SDF advanced against ISIS in Ein Issa flank and took back the village of Abid and two large farms on the Southeastern side of Ein Issa," the sources added.

"After taking Abid, located 12 kilometers away from Ein Issa, the SDF forces engaged in fierce clashes with ISIS in areas Southeast of Ein Issa and pushed them back from the village of Abdullah," they added.

"The SDF also took control of the villages of Um Safa, Wasita, Haran, al-Adriyeh and Jurah after hours of non-stop clashes with ISIS," the sources went on to say.

Informed sources said on Monday that reports about advances of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) North of Raqqa have caused the ISIS leaders to declare a state of emergency in the capital of their self-proclaimed Caliphate.

"Simultaneous with the start of the liberation operation of Raqqa by the SDF, ISIS terrorists have dug tranches around the city of Raqqa and have filled them with crude oil. The ISIS has a plan to set fire at oil-filled tranches in case of SDF's advances towards the city," the sources said.

"Meantime, thick smoke spiraling from fire set by the ISIS near Raqqa has reduced visibility for air reconnaissance missions over ISIS base," they added.

The ISIS used the same tactics against Iraqi government troops in the Mosul operation, delaying the Iraqi forces' aerial operation, the sources went on to say.

"ISIS has also dispatched a large division of its forces to the town of al-Hished North of Raqqa to confront the Kurdish forces," they pointed out, FNA reported.

Source: Al Alam

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