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World Craft Council ready to grant registration to more Iranian cities

Isfahan, Chairman of the World Crafts Council in the AsiaPacific region said that the institution is ready to grant more cities in Iran the registration of the global craft city which of course, every city must already have a national medal in this field.

"The guidelines for the Global Crafts Cities are available, and all the cities can, after studying it, obtain the necessary internal documents and obtain such a registration, first inside the country, and then in the global dimension," Ghada Hijjawi said in Isfahan on Wednesday.

The official added that Iran, as the chair of the West Asian Crafts Council, could step up its global cities.

Hijjawi, emphasizing that mass production of handicrafts is a problem for this field, said that this would jeopardize competition and should be considered for each of the handicrafts of a particular origin.

So far 10 cities from Iran have been selected as the Global Craft Cities.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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